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Aerials & Boosters

The Internet is one of our main sources of entertainment, and we also depend on it for work and information. So when the signal from your network system or TV is less than satisfactory it becomes an annoyance and an inconvenience. At Electrical Supplies we have the solution to your problems courtesy of our aerials and boosters.

The Ross 4 Way Signal Booster Coax White

The Ross 4 Way Signal Booster Coax White was developed specifically to enhance TV and FM radio transmissions. Designed to power multiple devices, the Ross Signal Booster will improve signals even if the reception in your area is not as good as you would want. Aside from improving signals, this Ross booster is built for extended use and there are no compatibility issues with it either.

The Ross Digital Indoor Aeriel Loop 4G

The Ross Aeriel 4G is one of our most sought after products owing to its superior performance and design, which is something that other aerial boosters cannot match. As is typical of other Ross products, the Ross Aeriel 4G is easily installed and once set up, delivers full HD signals, and even reception from radio are enhanced.

The device also comes with a specially designed 4G filter that eliminates interference and signal loss. There are a lot of boosters that promise superior results, but only Ross has proven itself to work time and again. If signals are a problem, then the Aeriel 4G is the solution.

At Electrical Supplies we made our name by offering customers only the best in electrical equipment and accessories, and we have also made it a point to innovate and offer new technologies. If your devices and appliances are not providing the kind of signals and transmission you want, then it’s time to take a look at what we have to offer here.